Fully Responsive Multipurpose Jekyll Theme

Static Site Generater using Jekyll Framework, build on modules, easy to build your own superfast Jekyll website.


Based on Bootstrap 4.x

Jekyll theme is built the latest version of Bootstrap, Easy to customise and make it yours.

100% Responsive

Darkout theme is built on responsive CSS. Your website will look amazing on all devices from large to small.

Easy Content Updation

We have applied various strategy to separate content from code, making it easy for you to manage universal content.

Major Browser Support

We have tested and tried our theme on all major browsers, giving you peace of mind while delivering the project

Optimize Everything Easily

You can easily optimize the theme to make exactly how you want, fast & easy!

Data Files

We have engineered YMAL file that will serve as a repository for hosting content universally used.

Header Options

Easy to switch header options, choose the once that's best for your business.

Colors & Typography

Simple SASS file to manage brand colours and fonts in one place. Apply once and see it apply through the whole static site.

Block and Modules

We have created various blocks of modules, that is easily customisable and can be used in different parts of the website with one include file and manage content from one associated YAMAL files.

Grow with Latest Technologies

Darkout Performance

Darkout Jekyll Theme is built keeping performance in mind. Pages loading under few seconds to provide unparallel performance

Smart Blocks

Darkout Jekyll Theme is built on Modular blocks making it easy to modify and update content.

Build for Mobile

We have additional options to define breaking points on a modular level, and this makes your static website generate to work for any device

Easy to brand

Colours and fonts are defined in one SAAS file, updating it will apply brand colours through the website. No need to edit multiple CSS codes.

Most Advance Jekyll Theme

We have built the most advanced Jekyll Theme, enable it to be used by startups as their preferred Static Site Generator. Darkout is a framework, which can be integrated and serves as a blueprint to start your project.

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Clay Jensen
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Stiles Stilinski
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Scott McCall

Some More Reasons to Darkout Jekyll Theme

Besides design, speed and endless customizability, there are many reasons to consider Darkout as a Jekyll based Static Site Generator. Let's take a look.

Multiple Layout Options

Out of the box, you get numerous layout options that can be used to build pages, landing pages, and blog-specific layout. With the ability to add modules to it.

Pre-Build Modules

We have built various modules, aka blocks that can be used to create your pages. Modules such as Hero Options, Image Carousel, Multi-Column Icon, Testimonial etc., read more here

Clean Code & Data Folder

Modules layouts are separate from data folders, keeping content and code separate.

Seamless Integrate with Cloudcannon

We have build technology that can help your marketing team to update content without contacting YOU! Integrating with Cloudcannons's hereJekyll CI/CD integration anyone can edit content without messing the workflow.